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Treatment with donor eggs and surrogacy

Do you plan to have a treatment with a surrogate and egg donor in the UK? 

Then this event may be for you.

Come and join us for a free webinar on Wednesday 10th November, at 6pm. We will discuss all aspects of fertility treatment with a surrogate using donor eggs. Most same-sex couples and single men need to use an egg donor for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and then a surrogate to carry the baby until it’s born. There are also women who due to their medical history need a surrogate. Whatever your situation, choosing to use donated eggs to achieve a pregnancy is a big decision that requires consideration and planning. We’re here to help.
We will discuss the process, legal challenges, and you will be able to learn directly from former surrogates and intended parents about their experiences.

This event will guide you on

  • What are the regulations surrounding surrogacy and egg donation in the UK
  • What is the process of going through treatment with a surrogate using donor eggs
  • How best to prepare for your future treatment 
  • London Egg Bank egg donor database and how we can help you find the best donor

Our guest speakers include a surrogacy lawyer Andrew Spearman and former surrogates from Surrogacy UK. After their short presentations we will hold a Q&A session answering all your questions. Our own fertility experts will also discuss IVF treatment with a surrogate and donor eggs, who our donors are, how we recruit them and how we can help you to find the perfect match through our database of almost 150 profiles, readily available for use.

We’re the only egg bank in the UK with an exclusive focus on providing the highest quality donor eggs. We are a specialised brand of London Womens' Clinic (LWC) focusing only on egg donation and egg freezing. We manage all ovarian stimulation, egg retrievals and vitrification with proven protocols developed through years of experience in managing donors’ cycles. We are specialists in fertility treatment using donor eggs, providing the largest selection of donor eggs in the UK. With over 20,000 eggs frozen, there is no need to travel overseas for donor egg treatment. Our state-of-the-art centre focuses on donors and their eggs, with specialist laboratory systems and expert staff. We have the largest choice of UK-recruited egg donors. With our personalised search service and 24/7 access to our online database of donors, your journey to completing your family can start today.

Our speakers:

Dr Kirsty Horsey - a Senior Research Associate

Dr Kirsty Horsey joined LWC/LEB in September as a Senior Research Associate, a new role created to carry out original sociological research on aspects of the work undertaken at LWC and LEB. Her first project at LWC is on the surrogacy treatments that have taken place at the LWC and LEB clinics across the country since 2014. Her background is in academia: she has taught and researched law at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, since 1998. Her main field of research has always focused on families created by assisted reproduction, particularly surrogacy, and the socio-legal implications of this. Over the last six years or so, she has been heavily involved in campaigning for the law on surrogacy to be changed and is looking forward to the report and draft legislation due to be published by the Law Commissions of England & Wales and Scotland next year.

Andrew Spearman - a Surrogacy Lawyer

Andrew is a specialist solicitor working in the field of legal parenthood, representing clients in the Family Court & High Court on complex surrogacy or transgender parenting matters. In surrogacy, his experience has focused on the potential difficulties with domicile, reasonable expenses and separated intended parents seeking a Parental Order; in transgender matters, he is best known for representing Freddy McConnell in his high profile court battle on the definition of ‘mother’ and his child’s birth registration.

Andrew is an active member of the LGBT Family Law Institute, the Advisory Board for My Surrogacy Journey and the Ethics Committee of SurrogacyUK. Although he advocates for reform, he is passionate about addressing the day-to-day practical realities for those individuals seeking to become parents through surrogacy or fertility treatment.

Alan Coates and Kirsty Marshall - intended parents

Linder Pott - 3 times surrogate, membership advisor, support worker and Trustee of SurrogacyUK. Former member of SUK’s ethics committee, 2019 – 2020.

Sarah Jones - 5 times surrogate (both traditional and host surrogacy), surrogate support worker, membership advisor and Chair of SurrogacyUK

Sarah Jones is a 5 times surrogate who has been involved with surrogacy for the last 20 years. She has helped to create families via egg donation and host surrogacy with the help of London Women's Clinic. After acting as a volunteer Membership Advisor and Surrogate Support Worker, she joined the Board of Trustees in 2014, and was appointed as Head of Surrogacy in 2020.

Sarah strongly believes in keeping UK surrogacy altruistic only and supports surrogacy through friendship. She maintains a close relationship with all of the donor and surrogate babies she has helped to create, the oldest of which has just turned 18, and believes that openness and transparency is key to the wellbeing of each child born through donation or surrogacy.


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