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Egg Freezing Events

Interested in finding out more on Egg Freezing? Join us at our events on the 23rd of February to find out more, and take control of your fertility future.

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Creating life, fulfilling dreams

Thinking about freezing your eggs for the future or donating your eggs to give the gift of life to another family? The London Egg Bank is with you every step of the way.


Help another woman create a family of her own.

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Donate and preserve your eggs for free.

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Protect your future fertility.

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Stories from our patients

Find out what it’s like to be an egg donor, or why some women choose to freeze eggs.

Emma’s story

Emma writes about her egg donation journey

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Sarah’s story

Sarah shares every aspect of her egg donation experience

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Ali’s egg freezing story

Ali tells us about her egg freezing journey which led to her beautiful twins.

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13 reasons for spotting between periods

You think your period is over, you grab a new pair of knickers and then when you least expect it... There it is, only few spots, but enough to ruin your mood! It happens to many of us but discarded underwear aside, most times spotting is nothing to worry about.

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Your menstrual cycle explained

Most women know that their period comes from the breaking down and shedding of their uterine lining if they didn’t get pregnant that month. However, most women don’t know exactly how or why it happens.

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