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Patient Stories

Whatever you’re facing, there will be many other people who have gone through a similar experience. Read our inspirational patient stories from people we’ve helped through many different stages of their fertility treatment. *Photos changed to protect donor identity.

Aya (1)

Aya's Story

Aya chose to freeze her eggs to give herself independent options for the future and used an instalment payment plan to fund her treatment.

Patient Story Egg Freezing

P 14

Emma's Story

Emma writes about her egg donation journey.

Patient Story Donating Eggs

P 11

Sarah's story

Sarah shares every aspect of her egg donation experience with the London Egg Bank

Patient Story Donating Eggs


Amanda's Story

"I didn't meet the love of my life until I was 39"... read Amanda's story here

Patient Story Using Donor Eggs

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London Egg Bank Blog

You’ve read the medical advice, but what’s it really like? Find out everything you need to know - from lifestyle to scientific research, doctors to patients - and how they can help you.

Will we need to go abroad for donor treatment?

Some of the questions we’re most often asked are about the advantages of UK-based egg donor treatment. Here are six things to consider when looking at the options of treatment at home or abroad.

Blog Using Donor Eggs

What is the best age to freeze my eggs?

As with all fertility matters, there’s no black and white answer about the perfect time to freeze eggs that will apply to all women.

Blog Egg Freezing

How to select an egg donor?

Choosing an egg donor is a personal decision, dependent on the circumstances that have brought you to this point in your journey. Find out a few insights from other patients

Blog Using Donor Eggs


A new collaborative platform between London Egg Bank and London Women’s Clinic, OVA provides tailored information on the latest trends and developments from leading fertility experts, and a wide range of patient stories.

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